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Monday, May 25 11:36 PM


かんこくのドラマ"Boys Over Flowers"は毎度曜日午後9.30にChannel Uがあります。1時間30分です。私はF4のYi Jung (Kim Bum)とJi Hoon (Hyun Joong)がとても好きです。でわYi Jungのほう好きです。I just love his smile. Video of him in the show below.

Ji Hoon葉静かと親切な人です。音楽が上手です。Yi Jungは可愛いとハンサムとげんきな人です。陶器ガ上手です。Check out the website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/f4/index.html


Wednesday, April 8 7:47 PM
As part of Asia Tour, he is in Singapore Illuma shopping center yesterday. The entrance to the mall was crowded with people. The screaming from fans was deafening...i wonder if they are there to listen to his singing cause you can hardly hear him anymore with all those noise...

Sharing some of my favourite songs from his album. A talented 18 years old with fantastic vocal, who can imagine he almost lost his voice & had to go through voice therapy... admirable!

Oh yeah i passed the Japanese test! Yohoo! Enrolled myself for the next level under my current sensei (Nakai). He is a really good teacher who knows a bit of Chinese, Malay & his spoken English is better compared to the one i had in Temasek Poly (extra-elective). His sudden questioning make me work harder to be prepared for his class. To test our alertness, he make us repeat questions/answers...keke i was caught speechless too many times :P Not just that...i have a place in Unisim for July intake (Bachelor in Business). Finally, I'm picking up textbooks again! Well at this moment i wanted to put studying as my priority.

In order to do so i have difficulty finding a suitable job, i won't blame it on recession because there are still many jobs on ads. I was granted most interviews but once they heard I'm studying, they feared I can't cope...also they can't accept/fit my studying & Japanese lesson schedules. Plus, i only want to stick to Customer Service trade. That's my passion yet shift work is unavoidable...haiz!! Whatever! I'll just have to do part-time somewhere else...


Me? Me! Me...わたし

Name: Rhian りあん。
D.O.B: 26 August
Hobbies:Shopping,Traveling,Watching Tv,Reading,Jogging,Swimming
Food: Tomyum, DimSum
Drinks: Honey, Variety of Tea

Desire/Wants ほしがる

#1Study in University
#2Part-time Job
#3 Master Japanese
#4 Roam the World
#5 Learn more abt Arts?
#6 Run Maranthons
#7Swim @ Leisure
#8 Rock Climb

Goodbye さようなら.